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HDFC Personal Loan

HDFC Customer Privileges

Credit Shield

In case of Death or Total Permanent Disability of the loanee, the loanee/nominee can avail of the Payment Protection Insurance (Credit Shield) which insures the Principle Outstanding on the Loan up to a maximum of the loan amount

Principle Outstanding is defined as the amount of loan outstanding (not including any arrears in payment or interest thereon) at the Date of Loss, having accounted for payments made and interest accruing as determined in the Policy.

Hence, the amount covered does not include any Principal added because of non - payment of EMI and also will not include interest/ accrued charges.*

Personal Accident Cover

In order to ensure that your family is taken care of, we also offer a Personal Accident cover of Rs.2,00,000 at a nominal premium.*

* Premium will be charged for both these products which will be deducted from the loan amount at the time of disbursal. A transaction fee of Rs.350 will also be deducted at the time of disbursal. Please note that service tax @ 12.36% will also be charged.

If you are an HDFC Bank account holder, we have special rates for you.

If you are an existing Auto Loan customer with a clear repayment of 12 months or more from any of our approved financiers or us, you can get a hassle free Personal Loan (without income documentation).

If you are an existing HDFC Bank Personal Loan customer with a clear repayment of 12 months or more, we can Top-Up your personal loan.


General Information

  • Loan Amount: Rs. 1 Lac to 40 Lacs
  • Rate of Interest (APR)*: 10.75% to 22.50%
  • Repayment Tenor: 12 Months to 60 Months
  • Processing Fees: 0.75% to 2.50% + GST as applicable
  • Prepayment/ Foreclosure: Nil (After 12 months) or 1% - 4% (Before 12 months)


Illustration: Rs. 1 Lac loan on @10.75% with processing Fees for 60 Months comes to Rs. 1,29,708/- Equated Monthly Instalment shall be: Rs. 2,162/- only.


APR* - Annual Percentage Rate

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